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If you absolutely love animals, then you should consider looking for a job that allows you to work with animals. Alternatively, for those who already have other jobs, they can volunteer in local animal shelters in a part time basis. There is a wide selection of employment opportunities in this field and the kind of job you select should greatly depend on your skills and interests. You should note that there are some careers that will require one to complete a specialized course, while others, demand only commitment and passion. Top jobs that will allow you to work with animals include:

1. Veterinary

This is the first job that comes to mind when looking for a job that involves working with animals. You will be required to undergo specialized training because the job will require prescribing medication and surgical procedures. One can also branch out and choose to become a veterinary technician. As a vet technician, your job will involve prepping animals for medical procedures like x-rays, as well as taking care of animals staying overnight at the vet clinic.

2. Animal cruelty investigator

This is a career that a lot of people do not consider but it provides you to help animals that are in neglectful or abusive situations. If you love animals, then you should note that this job might be upsetting because of all the things you have to deal with. Animal cruelty can be found in a wide range of scenarios from homes to even showbiz. It will be your responsibility to make sure that if for instance trained wolves are used in a film, they are not mistreated in any way.

3. Pet sitter

A lot of people go on holidays outside the country every year and in most cases are not in a position to travel with their pets. While most leave them in catteries and kennels, a pet sitter is usually a more preferred choice. You will be required to spend large periods of time at your client’s house so that you can give the animals all the attention they need. Though you might need formal qualifications, it is wise to have bonding and liability insurance.

4. Zookeeper

Working in a zoo means that you have the opportunity to work with all kinds of animals even endangered species. It can be a bit hard to get a job in a zoo and this is where volunteering in animal shelters come in handy. Through animal shelters, you can get a raving referee and land yourself your dream job.

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